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Channing Tatum Upset Over Jenna Dewan Pregnancy?



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Channing Tatum is very upset after he discovered that his ex-Jenna Dewan is pregnant, this according to a false news headline. 

This weeks culprit of false news is NW, claiming that Jenna is happily “flaunting” a baby bump. A supposed source claims that “Jenna’s a dancer and her body is always so tight and toned, so it’s been almost impossible for her to hide it [alleged baby bump”

NW‘s claim comes after photos of Jenna and her boyfriend Steve Kazee on the beach with her 6-year-old daughter that she shares with Channing were published.

The alleged source says, “She and Steve have done their best … but whispers are she’s almost four months [along] already.”


Channing is said to be upset over the entire situation, saying, “He’s really happy with Jessie [J], but seeing Jenna, Steve and Everly together has got him freaking out. Channing doesn’t want to be replaced as a dad and he’s feeling really shut out being so far away from Evie.”

We’re told a different story: our source tells unCrazed that Jenna isn’t pregnant nor is Channing out of the picture. Both have admittedly moved on but they split in 2018 and since then continue to have joint custody of their daughter.

Our source is saying the information published by the “desperate” tabloid is completely inaccurate and untrue.

Still don’t believe us? Check out a photo uploaded on her Instagram less than a month ago when she would have been almost four-months pregnant.



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