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Charli D’Amelio Losing Hundreds Of Thousands Of ‘TikTok’ Followers




Charli D’Amelio is losing followers on TikTok at a rapid pace and fans are becoming concerned.

The 16-year-old internet personality gained millions of followers since launching her social media account after dueting videos with others showing off her dance moves.

She rapidly became one of the biggest social media influencers as a result of her fanbase on TikTok, but it would seem followers are taking a disliking to the way she and the D’Amelio family treated their personal chef, Aaron May.

According to followers, “This is not ‘quirky’ or ‘cute’. Straight up embarrassing.” after Charli was spotted making faces behind the chef’s back over the dishes he was serving, with the social media star suggesting, “Do we have any dino nuggets?”

Commenters hit out at the young aspiring actress saying that she needs to be “nicer” to people, whilst she loses over 500,000 followers since the video was released and went viral on YouTube.

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