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Charlie Sheen Provides Advice On Life



? Joella Marano/CC/unCrazed Composite

Charlie Sheen has given fans life-advice during a Q&A event in London.

Admitting that he “wants to do better” after years of drug abuse and career-damaging headlines, Charlie opened up to an audience at Annabel’s in London during the A Night With… event.

He said, “Enjoy every moment. It can all vanish in a heartbeat or the absence of a heartbeat!”, according to Celebretainment.

Celebrating a year of being sober, he said he’s “just a guy who wants to do better for myself and those around me.”


Charlie explains that he tells his children to use him as an example for life advice, “I tell them, ‘You have a guy in your life that has more knowledge on a lot of things than the average bear, so please access it.’”

In order to deal with his HIV diagnosis, the former Two and a Half Men actor revealed after 11 years of sobriety, he turned to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with the crisis.