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‘Two And A Half Men’ Star Charlie Sheen Is ‘Broke’ & ‘Living Week To Week’ After Hollywood ‘Blacklisted’ Him?




Charlie Sheen is “broke and living week to week,” — according to a false headline.

The 55-year-old former Two and a Half Men star has been the butt of recent headlines that claim he’s no longer considered ‘Hollywood material’ and his financial status is in ‘ruins’.

In a recent headline, published by OK!, Sheen is described as “broke and living week to week,” with their source allegedly saying, “He’s considered ‘dead’ in Hollywood, and the only calls he gets are for brand endorsements and commercials … He has sold all his property in Beverly Hills. He can’t meet his child support obligations.”

The historically-troubled actor, who admitted he contracted the sexually transmitted disease HIV in 2015, moved into his parents home, Martin Sheen and Janet Sheen in Malibu — which our source tells us was purely to aid in caring for his elderly mother and father.


Admittedly, during a legal battle with his ex-Denise Richards over child support in 2019, he claimed to the court that he had “been unable to find steady work” and was “blacklisted from many aspects of the entertainment industry. All of this has resulted in a significant reduction in my earnings.”

unCrazed spoke with a source directly connected with his team and we’re told this is completely false information pointing out that during a global pandemic even the highest paid actors, actress and film producers are struggling to find work.

Due to his newly-found free-time during the quarantine period that has been taking place across the world since earlier 2020, Charlie joined Cameo, where some of the biggest stars in Hollywood give fans the opportunity to have personalised video messages sent to them — with his fee set at $300 — again, setting speculation that he’s “broke”.

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