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Chris Evans Was Almost Named ‘Bobby Evans’ But His Mother Decided On ‘Chris’




Chris Evans looks very dapper on the cover of April/May 2020 Esquire issue.

The mag is due to release on April 14, but unCrazed has a few snippets to talk about, including the fact we could be saying Bobby Evans looks very dapper…

He spoke to the magazine and shared insights to his childhood and adulthood, with the 38-year-old actor saying, “It felt like I had a regular nine-to-five job,” when talking about the making of Defending Jacob in the Boston suburbs, a place where he grew up.

Evans continued, “I’d sleep in my own bed; I’d see my family on weekends. A lot of times you have a bit of a nomadic lifestyle as an actor. You live out of suitcases and in cities, you’re not familiar with. Doing Jacob made me feel like I was home but still doing what I love. It was incredibly comforting.” — he still has a home in the Boston suburbs.


Rumours spread that he will the sadistic dentist in the musical Little Shop of Horrors remake, “As a kid, theatre is what’s available to you, local plays. And it’s usually going to be a musical. But musicals aren’t the thing that I fell in love with. I just like acting. I have a soft spot for theatre because it was such a big part of my childhood, a very sweet chapter in my life. But it’s not like I’ve always said, ‘Man, I got to get back to musical theatre!’ My main reason for doing it was because I liked acting so much.”

His birth certificate, passport, driving licence and social media account looked differently before his birth in 1981. Hi father, G. Robert Evans III was very close to Chris growing up, and it was during his close relationship with his father he learned of a possible difference in his name. He explained, “I was supposed to be G. Robert Evans IV. I would’ve been Bobby, but my mother was in love with the name Chris.

So my dad gave it to her… I always wondered if I would have been a good Bobby. I’m glad I’m Chris. I would’ve been an honour to have had that moniker, be in that lineage. But Chris is good, too… I think m dad’s level head is the thing that makes getting up every day possible for me.”

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