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Chris Martin Says Collaborating With BTS Was “Attractive In Its Weirdness”




Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has opened up about the band’s collaboration with BTS on joint-single My Universe. 

In a recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Martin revealed how the band’s collaboration with K-pop sensation BTS came to be.

“That came about because someone said to me, ‘Oh, BTS asked you to do a song for them’, that’s what I got told,” he said.

Martin added that at the time, he didn’t believe the collaboration would ever happen, especially because Coldplay are very different from BTS.


“‘How are we going to fit these two things together?,” he recalled thinking. “Then the idea started to seem really attractive in its weirdness, and then one day, the right song just kind of arrived.”

“I just knew at the time [that] this was the song we were supposed to do with BTS and it’s supposed to be about people who can’t be together, or told they shouldn’t be together.”

Martin said that once My Universe had begun taking shape, the entire process of working with BTS became natural to him.

“It’s still quite a bizarre… but we love them. For something that could’ve seemed so artificial, it turned out being one of the most real feelings,” he said.


Checkout a video of Martin’s appearance on The Ellen Show below.

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