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Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Are Breaking Up Post-Quarantine; Teigen Jokes




John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are going to call it quits. 

According to Teigen, she and Legend are planning to split after the forceful quarantine due to the coronavirus outbreak has ended.

Of course, this was a joke that has circled out of context on the inter-webs. The reality television star and singer aren’t planning to end their marriage nor take a break from each other.

In a post on social media, a fan called out a news outlet for publishing a misleading article, saying, “Popsugar, don’t you EVER DARE AGAIN post a photo of John and Chrissy and write ‘can’t believe we’re typing this…’ I THOUGH THEY WERE BREAKING UP. MY HEART LEPT OUT MY CHEST. I CANNOT HANDLE THAT ANXIETY RIGHT NOW.”


Responding to the comment, the 34-year-old wrote, “Oh we are also def breaking up after we can leave the house,” — it’s a joke, please, read it as that, a joke.


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