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Christina Aguilera Reveals Reason 20th Anniversary Edition Of Debut Album Was Never Released




Christina Aguilera has celebrated the 21st anniversary of her self titled debut album.

Wait, 21st anniversary? Yes. She skipped the 20th-anniversary celebrations that would typically see an artist rereleasing their first album with a few tweaks, but Aguilera has a valid reason for it.

Writing on social media to celebrate the 21st birthday of her debut album, the 39-year-old singer said, “Happy 21st anniversary to my debut, self-titled album! So crazy – 21 years ago, I scored Reflection and my record deal in the same week. fast forward to today, the 21st anniversary is falling on the same week my rendition of Reflection is dropping. The stars are aligning.”

Hold up, one commenter thought, “What about the special digital edition for the 20th anniversary tho Mss Queen?” – good shout, mon frère. In response to the fair-pointed question, Christina explained the mishap, “Haha 100% fair point! I never forgot about it & was disappointed that it never came to fruition.

Originally I wanted reimagined new material to coincide with the digital release. But due to timing with touring & Vegas, it wasn’t able to be done to my standard of quality. So I decided to postpone to when the time felt right. Anything worth doing is worth doing right…so I will definitely readdress this in the future. Thanks for bringing to my attention. I never want to ‘settle’ in giving you my best always.”

Exciting times ahead, we have Reflection dropping later this week and the potential of a reimagined version of her debut album makes the global quarantine seem less hazy.

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