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Courtney Stodden Shares Message Showing Father Disowning Her



? Glenn Francis/GNU/unCrazed Composite

Courtney Stodden has shared an emotional message on her social media that shows her own father disowning her. 

In a series of reveal-all posts on Instagram and Twitter, Courtney shared a text received from her birth father that reads, “I don’t have a daughter”

Leaving her family home at 16 years-old, Courtney married Lost actor Doug Hutchison, when she was 16 years of age — something she now reveals was “most likely due to abandonment issues and not feeling worthy enough for my Dad” — Doug is 34 years older than Courtney. In 2017, reports found that the couple had separated, and in 2018, Courtney filed for divorce.

Courtney revealed that her father also threw away hundreds of videotapes including her first birthday, gymnastics lessons, singing and dancing videos; furthering that her emotional state wasn’t a priority to him nor spending quality time with her.

On a final note, Courtney expresses that she will always love her birth father … “regardless of anything”