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Cricket Legend Shane Warne’s Cause Of Death Confirmed




Authorities have now confirmed that Shane Warne died of natural causes after concluding an autopsy.

The sudden passing of the Australian cricket legend has rocked the sporting world.

Reuters reported that Warne experienced chest pains prior to his death, along with asthma and some heart issues.

“He had asthma and had seen a doctor about his heart,” Yuttana Sirisombat, superintendent at the Bo Phut police station, said.


“We learned from his family that he had experienced chest pains when he was back home in his country.”

Thai authorities have said that Warne’s family have accepted the findings of the autopsy.

His body will now be transported back to Australia, where he will be returned to his family.

To find words to adequately express our sadness is an impossible task for us and looking to a future without Shane is inconceivable,” his parents Keith and Brigitte Warne told Australia’s Nine News.


“Hopefully the mountain of happy memories we all have will help us cope with our ongoing grief.”

Rest in Peace, Steve.

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