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DaBaby Arrested In Robbery Case Involving Victim Beaten In The Street & Apple Juice Poured Over Them



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DaBaby has been arrested for allegedly robbing a victim of $80 and multiple other items. 

According to a police report, the rapper, accompanied by his entourage, dragged a man to the floor, beat him and poured apple juice over the alleged victim.

Reports suggest that the man visible in a video on the floor, as multiple masked men beat him, was a concert promoter that owned DaBaby money — leading to the alleged robbery taking place in the street.

We understand that the alleged victim was jumped by a group of males that took $80 and a credit card before pouring apple juice over him. Moments before driving away in a black SUV, one of the men jumps back out of the vehicle and hit the alleged victim causing him to fall back to the ground.


It is clear by the footage that the remaining items that were in the alleged victims’ pockets are run over by the SUV as it drives away from the scene.

The rapper was arrested for battery by law enforcement to establish his connection with the robbery, with DaBaby’s bond being set at $1,500.

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