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Dane Cook Offered ‘Jeopardy!’ Hosting Spot After Alex Trebek Passing




Dane Cook could be the next guest host for Jeopardy! according to the comedian-actor.

The 48-year-old expressed his excitement on social media and revealed that his management is in talks with putting him forward as the next guest host for the game show.

In a post on TwitterCook said, “I got a call from my team today about guest hosting an episode of @Jeopardy and would I be interested in that if they can put something together. I could barely spit out, ‘WHAT IS.. YES?” quick enough. I hope this can happen. I would love to honour Alex Trebek in that fashion!”

Earlier this month, Alex Trebeck, the veteran host of the show sadly passed away following a battle with cancer.


In 2018, the comedian featured as a question on the show and he also tweeted about that at the time, showing his appreciation of Jeopardy! also saying, “I love Jeopardy, I can just watch it and get away from it all,”

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