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‘Barstool Sports’ Owner Dave Portnoy Revives Michael Rapaport Drama




Dave Portnoy revives the drama between him and Michael Rapaport.

The 45-year-old Barstool Sports owner homed in on Rapaport after a picture emerged of the 54-year-old actor walking in Nantucket, Massachusetts — an isolated island where Portnoy resides.

Drama between the public figures started after Dave publicly fired Michael from his podcast for the treatment of a Barstool fan.

At the time, Portnoy went on social media and filmed a video from his bed berating Rapaport for his treatment over a “Stoolie,” leading to Michael responding in a similar manner. A T-shirt was then sold through Barstool shorting after with an image of Michael as a clown with herpes-blemishes on his chin.


This led to him suing Dave and Barstool for defamation, a case that was later dismissed.

Portnoy has shared a post to Instagram responding to a picture of his nemesis arriving to his home island, writing, “They really letting this type of trash on Nantucket now? Gross,”

Michael Rapaport pictured arriving in Nantucket

Since posting his opinion to Instagram, the blogger went on to share a video clip from his deposition video during the defamation lawsuit in which he challenges a comment from Rapaport‘s lawyer, captioning the video, “Since they let Rapaport on Nantucket, never forget the time I destroyed his lawyer in our deposition.”

Michael has not commented on the posts.


@stoolpresidenteSince they let Rapaport on Nantucket, never forget the time I destroyed his lawyer in our deposition♬ original sound – Dave Portnoy

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