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Deontay Wilder Is Confident He Will ‘Beat Up’ Tyson Fury




Deontay Wilder has expressed confidence in his ability to ‘beat up’ Tyson Fury and their upcoming re-match.

The two boxing rivals are scheduled to face off once more in Las Vegas this Saturday (October 9).

In an interview with Sky Sports, Deontay said he envisioned himself defeating Fury in their next encounter, adding that the energy of the fight felt “different”.

“I see me beating him up and then knocking him out,” he declared. “There’s many things that I visualise in the first fight, along with the second and I didn’t execute game plan. But this time around it’s just a different feeling.”


Asked what it would mean to be crowned the Two Time Heavy Weight Champion of the World, Deontay said he was “waiting on that feeling”.

“I could say a lot right now but I think once it happens, I’m gonna have a different feeling. So erm, I’m waiting on that feeling to see what it’s really gonna mean and what I really gonna feel,” said Deontay.

“I’m an energy being, so I always react off of my energy, so once I receive that and have my hand raised in the sky and they say ‘Two Time Heavy Weight Champion of the World’ – I can tell you after.”

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