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Donald Trump Complains About Foreign Aid, Saying, “They Do Nothing For Us,”



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President Donald Trump has spoken about his issue with foreign aid — with people saying it’s ‘aid’ not ‘trade’.

In a video published by the White House today, Donald speaks about the funding available for the wall, saying, “the $5 billion approved by the House is such a small amount,”.

He continued, “when you see that Democrats want to give away $12 billion extra, and we are giving away $54 billion extra in foreign aid.

So we give money to countries but we don’t give money to our own country, which is another thing I have been complaining about and we are cutting that back; it’s very unfair… when we give money to Guatemala and to Honduras and El Salvador, and they do nothing for us,”.


See the full clip here — and billions, and billions, and billions.