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“Don’t Ever Box Again” KSI Tells Brother Deji




Famous YouTuber, KSI, posted a video imploring his brother to give up boxing “until you work on your cardio”.

His comments came following a YouTubers vs TikTokers event which saw his brother, Deji, face off against TikToker, Vinnie Hacker.

Deji lost the match against Hacker with a TKO in Round 3.

Some spectators seemed alarmed by Deji’s physique during the fight, questioning whether the YouTuber had put in the training necessary to win.


KSI, known for his boxing history against the likes of Joe Weller and Logan Paul, wasn’t shy in his criticism of his little brother.

“It was very sad and it was also very disappointing”, KSI stated in a video on his YouTube channel, JJ Olatunji. “I am disappointed in your team and the people around you, man. How and why they thought it would be a good idea for you to enter the ring looking like that is beyond me. It was embarrassing.”

“Don’t ever box again until you work on your cardio”, He went on. “It’s not about what training you have Deji – the problem is you. You don’t know hard work if it punched you in the face. And it punched you so many times in the Jake fight.”


“You can’t cheat boxing, Deji, because eventually when you get in that ring, we all find out who really worked the hardest. You say that you train five times a day. Where? In McDonalds? Five times a day, looking like this? You’re delusional. If you want to get out of my shadow, start putting in that work.”

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