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Dr. Disrespect Banned From Twitch & E3 For Streaming In Bathroom



? YouTube/Dr. Disrespect/unCrazed Composite

One of Twitch’s most popular professional gamers had his account banned from the platform after live streaming inside a bathroom at the Electronic Entertainment Expedition. 

Better known as E3 — an annual event that features the biggest console creators, software developers and publishers in the world, showcasing upcoming projects and games — many arrived for a weekend of excitement ahead, as did Dr. Disrespect, but his weekend has been cut short.

Entering a bathroom at the Los Angeles Convention Centre, Dr. Disrespect announced that he would be performing his first IRL stream — basically where influencers stream real-life events — this is where he was cut off. He allegedly entered the restroom, where others were inside, one suspected to be a minor, and had a camera-operator film the unfolding events.

Twitch stopped the live stream, and pulled the plug on his account, saying it was against their policy, and in the state of California, it could be considered a privacy violation and is a crime to film people in a bathroom without their prior consent.


Sources tell us he was instantly removed from the convention and had his E3 badge revoked. He may be looking at a lifetime suspension from the event, meaning he will never be allowed to step foot into an E3 venue again.

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