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Ed Sheeran Met With Mixed Responses After Signing Partnership With TikTok




Ed Sheeran has recently signed a partnership with TikTok after two years away from the spotlight.

The partnership has been quoted by The Mirror as being a “big money deal”.

Representatives of Sheeran told MailOnline “it was something he wanted to get involved in and the project he has done with them is really exciting.”

Fans of Sheeran shared their support of the partnership through Twitter.


Sheeran stepped back from the public eye in 2019, where he took the time to start a family with partner Cherry Seaborn.

However, users of TikTok have met the musician with mixed responses. Ed posted a video to TikTok singing his song ‘Afterglow’, requesting duets from fans.

Some users of TikTok poked fun at the singers duet, overpowering him with loud noises, while others duetted and sang along to his 2020 hit song.

TikTok’s viewership continues to rise once again with a predicted 2.5 million additional users by the end of 2021, according to marketing application businessofapps.


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