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Ellen Page Celebrates One Year Of Marriage With Emma Portner




Ellen Page is showing her love for her wife, Emma Portner, in a string of soppy Instagram posts — and we love it.

The actress posted several images of the duo captioning, “Before/after of an over one-year anniversary convo. Beyond grateful to all those who fought to allow us to be wife & wife. I love this magical human. I’m so f****** lucky,”.

In January 2018, the couple shared their news posting a photo of their wedding rings. Ellen wrote at the time, “Can’t believe I get to call this extraordinary woman my wife,” — just before their surprise wedding, ET spoke to Ellen, and she was excited to have the support of Emma saying it is “the best”.


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Fun fact, Emma is a professional dancer from Ottawa, and she said, “I watched one of Ellen’s films when I was about 12… and I remember my friend saying you are just like this girl… I knew we’d cross paths someday–I just wasn’t quite sure when or how,” — and cross paths they did.

The couple are now living in Hollywood with Ellen’s terrier, Patters.