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Emily Osment Reveals She Has Never Seen Hannah Montana




Emily Osment confessed that she has only watched episode one of Hannah Montana

The actress has revealed that she only watched the first episode of the hit Disney show – despite starring on the show for 5 years.

Emily appeared on a podcast episode of Chicks In The Office.

When asked if she’s gone back to watch old episodes, Emily shared: “I can’t even tell you whether I’ve watched it at all—is that terrible?”


“I remember watching the premiere, because they had a party for us on stage,” she recalled.

“And I remember that was such an interesting time, because we had no idea what it was going to be, that it was just going to be this sensation that, like, swept the world.”

Osment also noted how the success of the show changed her and Miley Cyrus‘s relationship.

“I mean, Miley used to come with me to my school dances and, like, nobody knew who she was and then immediately everything changed.”


She recalled that it was “very strange.”

Though she hasn’t watched the show, Emily is grateful for the experience and opportunities that the show gave her.

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