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Emma Roberts Is Trolling Media Outlets Over Evan Peters Split



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Emma Roberts and Evan Peters are reportedly separated, but we’re still being told this simply isn’t true.

In an effort to find the truth as to whether the on-off couple remains engaged, we have spoken with a new source over the weekend.

Speculation started when The Blast and US Weekly reported that Emma was spotted kissing Garrett Hedlund after a “romantic dinner,” but almost instantly, our sources told us those allegations were “untrue” — and we believe them.

We’re now told by a new source that Emma is trying to “troll” the media into reporting the story, and instead of hitting back against the claims, is remaining quiet about the subject. One thing Emma is concerned about is upsetting fans but firmly believes that “remaining oblivious” to the “completely diabolical” story, she can make a stance against “false and unruly” information — something which she hopes will support the anti-fake news movement.


Our source is telling us that Emma understands the impact of fake news and the damage it causes in politics, but feels “the media doesn’t find an issue in reporting fake news about public figures”

Interestingly, there are still zero photographs of Emma and Garrett allegedly kissing after the meal, and zero photographs of the meal actually taking place. In fact, we’re told Garrett wasn’t even in the same State when this “romantic dinner” took place.

Emma has been spotted out in public since this alleged split, without her engagement ring, but again, we’re told this is part of the ploy.

Her friend shared a throwback-picture on Instagram showing Emma pausing their game of football to pose for the camera — which she reposted on her personal Instagram — and our source is saying “this was their way of saying ‘kiss my a**’ to the tabloids” which if true, is hilarious. Side note: we’ll repeat the first sentence, her friend share a throwback-picture. We aren’t suggesting the picture was purposely taken for this particular message to be sent out, but we are made to believe it has now been posted for that reason.


She and Evan still follow each other on social media, albeit, the credibility of remaining social media buddies can be questioned.

unCrazed isn’t here to try and cause any false hope, but after speaking with multiple connections with Emma, we’re convinced.