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Ex-GM Doug Whaley Hopeful Of NFL Changing Following Recent Lawsuit




Former Buffalo Bills manager, Doug Whaley, is hopeful Brian Flores lawsuit will invoke change in the NFL

Flores, who formerly managed Miami Dolphins, has made a move to sue the NFL over alleged racist hiring policies. You can read more about this here.

Now, in an interview with TMZ, Whaley revealed that he believes swift change will only happen if the players are to boycott their responsibilities in solidarity with Flores.

“[Flores’ lawsuit] will hopefully move the needle,” he said. “But to really make change and affect change is when players stand up and start talking about withholding their services.”


He continued: “To really affect change with billionaires, you hit them where they really are concerned. If it’s not people’s feelings, it’s their bank accounts.

“When that starts getting affected, I bet you change will happen a lot sooner.”

It remains to be seen what the future will hold for Flores in the NFL, if at all, but Whaley told TMZ he may have a spot for him in the rebooted XFL.

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