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Farrah Abraham Threatens To Sue Venue Over Citizen’s Arrest




Farrah Abraham is threatening to sue the venue which had her arrested on Saturday (January 15).

The former Teen Mom star was detained outside Grandmaster Records in Hollywood after being removed from the venue. She allegedly hit a security guard at the club after staff members asked her to leave for belligerence.

Abraham was reportedly detained in a so-called citizens arrest until police arrived on scene and subsequently charged her with battery.

Now, Abraham’s lawyer Kia Feyzjou has revealed to TMZ that she is considering legal action over the incident. The 30-year-old reportedly believes that she was unlawfully placed under citizen’s arrest, meaning that police should not have taken her into custody.


Abraham also claims that the venue’s staff used an excessive amount of force, leaving her in considerable pain and distress.

In response, the club’s security guard who says that Abraham’s assaulted her has posted an image of her injuries online.

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