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Former ‘Transparent’ Co-Star Says She Still Loves Jeffrey Tambor




Alexandra Billings says she still loves her former Transparent co-star Jeffrey Tambor “very much”, despite ongoing allegations of sexual harassment against him.

Tambor starred in the critically acclaimed series as Maura Pfefferman, a trans woman exploring her identity after coming out.

Though his performance won him a Golden Globe and Emmy Award, the casting of a heterosexual cisgender man into the role of Maura drew criticism.

In 2017, Tambor was officially fired from the series after multiple women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Among his accusers were his former co-star Trace Lysette, his former assistant Van Barnes, and makeup artist Tamara Delbridge.


Now, in an interview with Page Six, Billings said that she still held affection for Tambor, despite his “abominable” behaviour.

“The horrifying thing is – and horrifying because it’s so painful – is that I still love him. Very much. I don’t love his behaviour,” she added. “But that’s true of a lot of people. It’s true of me. You know I’ve had many people in my life go, ‘You know you’re a terrific person but geez, are you a jerk.’”

“So, you know, what he did was abominable and he still hasn’t totally admitted to everything that he’s done, I don’t know that he ever will. But that’s up to him, that’s between him and his God, not me.”

While Tambor has consistently denied all allegations, he released a statement following Delbridge’s accusations against him (via The Hollywood Reporter), stating that he was “deeply sorry for any discomfort or offence I may have inadvertently caused.”


During an appearance on SiriusFM, Tambor said: “If I made anyone, anyone feel vulnerable, I’m sorry. I’m sorry it ended the way it did.”

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