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G-Eazy Responds To Claims Halsey Wrote ‘Lighthouse’ Poem About Him




G-Eazy‘s publicist has responded to claims that his ex-Halsey wrote a poem about him after their 2018 breakup.

The 26-year-old Without Me singer released a poem called Lighthouse and fans believe it’s all about G-Eazy.

In the poem, the singer writes about an ex-partner that is “7 feet tall” and has dark hair describes their drug abuse, including a scenario where the ex-partner put his hands around her neck and claimed, “I’m going to f****** kill you,”

Responding to the claims from her fanbase that she was describing the 6 foot 4 inches, dark-haired rapper with historical drug abuse issues including being convicted in 2018 of assault and drug possession in Sweden, his publicist states, “We understand everyone’s desire to continually link them for sensationalist purposes, but she did not name any names, so for anyone to speculate is just irresponsible.”


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