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Gary Busey Exposes Himself Sitting On A Bench In New Jersey, New Video Shows




Gary Busey is facing serious allegations of sexual assault and in a new video… his actions are bizarre.

We reported that Busey was charged with two counts of sexual assault alleged to have taken place from August 12-14 at a DoubleTree Hotel in New Jersey, according to Cherry Hill police.

The 78-year-old Point Break actor was spotted in Cherry Hill, New Jersey — near the Monster-Mania Convention where the alleged groping of women took place. In the video available on Daily Mail, Busey parked his vehicle on Saturday, August 20, before walking towards a bench to sit down where he then took out his phone and pulled down his pants … Gary then proceeded to put one hand below the belt and clenched his jaw.

Shortly after, he looks around, pulls up his pants and lights up a cigar before getting back into his car and driving home.


In 2014, the then 70-year-old entered the UK Celebrity Big Brother house on Channel 5. Housemates and viewers were shocked when he pulled down his trousers in front of other stars, with others in the house realising that Gary had no underwear on. White Dee, who was on the show with him, shouted at the time, “Someone sort that out now,” with the Under Siege actor continuing to keep his pants off as he proceeded to sit down on a kitchen stool.

After several minutes of housemates becoming flustered by his actions, Gary pulled up his trousers and explained, “My knee popped out … so I went into the kitchen in a self-made panic attack to try to fix it.”

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