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Gloria Gaynor Will ‘Survive’ As The Singer Demonstrates Hand Washing Singing ‘I Will Survive’



? TikTok/Gloria Gaynor/unCrazed Composite

Gloria Gaynor is teaching viewers another good method of washing their hands.

The 76-year-old singer, known for her song I Will Survive, has taken to TikTok in an effort to demonstrate a method of handwashing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

You are more than likely familiar with various songs now recommended to sing as you wash your hands to ensure thorough hand-washing has taken place, including Happy Birthday and Bohemian Rhapsody, with a website even set up to provide accurate hand-washing instructions.


@gloriagaynorIt only takes :20 seconds to “SURVIVE!”??? ##iWillSurviveChallenge ##fyp ##coronavirus ##handwashing♬ I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Gaynor uploaded the now-extremely popular video to her TikTok and a tongue-in-cheek method — now viewers are claiming this is the best way to keep those dirty-mitts clean and germ-free.

Now, go and wash those filthy hands!

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