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Gordon Ramsey Says He Doesn’t Plan On Retiring Anytime Soon




Gordon Ramsey says he doesn’t have any plans to retire anytime soon as still has things he wants to accomplish in his career. 

In a new interview with Thrillist, the 55-year-old celebrity chef opened up about his career and shared his thoughts on potentially slowing down in the future.

“You have not seen the end of me. Do not underestimate the power of an old man,” he said.

“Can I keep going?, got consumed in this business in my early 40s. And then, how do I claw time back to become super strong and fit?,” Ramsey wondered.


“I started taking up triathlons and I did my first Ironman at the age of 43 in Hawaii. And so now at 55, I’m fit as a fiddle. And I can go for another 30 seasons. Trust me,” he added.

Ramsey went on to say there’s still more he wants to accomplish, including doing a collaboration with fellow celebrity chef Bobby Flay.

“I’d make him cook off with me first and I know I would cook him under the table, head start included,” he said.

Read Ramsey’s full interview with Thrillist here.


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