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Grimes Admits Hacking Indie Blog Hipster Runoff




Grimes has admitted to hacking and taking down the controversial indie blog Hipster Runoff a decade ago. 

As reported by Pitchfork, the website in question went offline back in 2012 due to an apparent hacking.

The platform’s anonymous founder, Carles, told Vice at the time that there had been signs of foul play on the websites server.

During a video interview with Vanity Fair as part of her recent cover feature for the publication, Grimes was presented with a photo of herself kissing a friend at a party.


“Back in the day, before the ‘woke’ era, I actually got cancelled for this,” Grimes explained of the image, which she said was shot a party in 2012.

The singer went on to say that photograph in question subsequently got leaked to Hipster Runoff.

“And then he [Carles], like, ran this story, and this was, like… I was trying to be like all integrity and, you know, like, start my career. And it was, like, ‘Grimes gone wild’ or something,” she said.

“But my friend who worked for – I will not say which video game – had access to… OK, well I don’t wanna get him in trouble, but, anyway, we were actually able to DDoS Hipster Runoff and basically blackmail them.”


“We were like, like, we’re not gonna let you put your site back up until you take the story down. And he did, in fact, take the story down. And it was like my coolest hacker moment. So, yeah, that’s the story of this photo,” she added.

Watch Grimes explain the story in the video below.

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