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Gwyneth Paltrow Stars In ‘Sex, Love & Goop’




From well-known known actress, to goop Entrepreneur, Gwyneth Paltrow released her second Netflix show Sex, Love & Goop.

The brand new show aims to explore sexual intimacy and knowledge over six short episodes.

Established in 2008, goop was first launched “from [Paltrow’s] kitchen as a homespun weekly newsletter”. Now it is a whole brand, with two Netflix shows and a popular podcast, co-hosted with Erica Chidi

The new show does not shy away from the taboo, but nor does Paltrow herself. After the release of her ‘vagina scented candle’ in 2020, which sent social-media into a frenzy, the world is familiar with Paltrow’s sexual enthusiasm.


Paltrow explicitly announces how “We are having sex” and “it is a show about sex”.

The show follows six different couples on a journey to discover their ‘sexual blueprint’, aiming to produce more sexually fulfilling and confident relationships, by tackling the notion of self-love and sexual vulnerability. In addition to this, Paltrow even delves into her own insecurities as a female.

Meanwhile, each episode explores different prominent issues within modern relationships, such as declining libidos, infidelity, insecurities, and many more.

Paltrow invites sexual health experts onto the show, who offer professional guidance. One of the experts being somatic sexologist, Jaiya. Jaiya is renowned for her work on sex education and the ‘blueprint breakthrough’. To clarify, sexology is a physical type of sexual healing, explored in episode four of the series.


In short, Paltrow is expanding her whole brand, and is above all destroying taboos and creating a safe space for accessible sex education.

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