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Halsey Attends Basketball Game With Boyfriend




Singer Halsey attended a basketball game between The Detroit Pistons and The Los Angeles Lakers with writer boyfriend Alev Aydin.

The pair were sitting court-side just a few days after Halsey’s feature with NME.

Halsey and boyfriend at basketball game

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They have also recently spoken about their collaboration with the Nine Inch Nails duo, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross saying they felt like they were “writing a letter to Santa.”

“First of all, I thought I was writing a letter to Santa being like, ‘I’ve been a very good girl’,” she jokes.

“I was just really honest and said I was a huge fan and I’ve been plagiarising you guys for years – badly – and I’m not arrogant enough to believe that I have anything new to offer you, but this album is about pregnancy, gender identity, body horror.”


“The most important thing to me is that this album has tension – it needs to be visceral, or I’m doing a disservice to the message.”

Halsey added that asking Reznor and Ross to work together was akin to trying to get into Berghain, Berlin’s most notoriously picky nightclub, which hundreds get turned away from at the door every night.

“I’ve been to Berlin like 15 times and still won’t go to Berghain because I’m scared they’re gonna turn me away at the door,” she said. “If they say no to me, I’m literally never gonna recover, so I just don’t even wanna go.“

Halsey has been very open about the affect having a baby had on their body image, writing in a lengthy emotional Instagram caption “I did SNL two nights ago and a lot of people were quick to say how good I looked. That was a weird feeling. My body has felt like a stranger’s for a long time.”



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They go on to say “A lot of people don’t know that you still look pregnant for a while after. It is still changing and I am letting it. I have no interest in working out right now. I’m too tired and too busy playing with my darling son.”

“With that being said, the body behind all those compliments the other night was wearing a custom tailored outfit and lighted perfectly after much testing, so I could feel good and do my job”


“I do not want to feed the Illusion that you’re meant to feel and look “great” immediately postpartum.”

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