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Halsey Raises $100k For Alabama Abortion Clinics



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Halsey has made her message clear, “we won’t be silenced.” as she takes a stance against the Alabama anti-abortion bill

The Nightmate singer has partnered with The Yellowhammer Fund — they’re an organisation that helps anyone seeking abortions, specifically in Alabama — and by selling t-shirts with a lyric from her new female empowerment hit and announced on Monday that all proceeds are going to be given to The Yellowhammer Fund.

Her black t-shirt says, “I won’t be caught dead letting a man tell me what I should do with my bed.”

In an Instagram Story post, Halsey said, “Thanks to your ever-inspiring action, we have collectively raised $100,000 with the proceeds from this shirt, for The Yellowhammer Fund. ALL of it will help patients in Alabama seeking care in their local abortion clinics. Music speaks, but you speak louder, and we will continue to prove we won’t be silenced. Thank you, H.”


The Alabama bill that was set in the last month is one of the strictest in the United States, completely outlawing all abortions, including rape and incest victims unless the birth could potentially cause death to the mother.

Any doctor or person that performs the task will face a minimum of 10 years in prison with a maximum of 99 to life.

Plenty of celebrities, including Hailey Bieber, Busy Philipps, Andy Cohen, Lady Gaga and Emily Ratajkowski have all given their verdict on the current bill.

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