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Hayley Williams Says She Went To Rehab After Divorcing From Chad Gilbert Due To Panic Attacks




Hayley Williams suffered from “panic attacks” and “f***** up” dreams during her divorce from Chad Gilbert.

The 31-year-old Paramore singer has told Vulture about her breakup and divorce that led her down a path of panic attacks and hospitalisation.

She explained in the early days her breakup led to her having “f***** up” dreams, saying, “They’re pretty f*****. There’s often water in my dreams. I’ve always written about relationships using water metaphors. My most memorable recurring dreams from childhood are all water-related.

I started to have a lot of those again. It resulted in me having panic attacks, and I ended up in a hospital. I’d faint. It’s been a slow lesson for me – how much power our emotions have on our physical health. It started to happen because I was in denial … I found a facility where I could go and be in a safe group or by myself and talk.



Talk therapy has been more important for me than medicine. I went through with the marriage because I had a lot of shame about mistakes I’d made. I got into the relationship prematurely. He was no divorced [from his previous wife] yet. I was very lonely,”

Gilbert and Williams split in 2017.

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