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‘Man Of Steel’ Actor Henry Cavill Addresses Injury On Set Of ‘The Witcher’




Henry Cavill officially confirms that he did in fact injure himself during the making of second season of The Witcher.

The 37-year-old Man of Steel actor was reported to have suffered a “minor” injury to his leg in December of 2020 but until now Cavill has remained silent about the ordeal.

In a new post on social media, Henry addressed the speculation about an injury on the set of The Witcher, saying, “We are in lockdown here in the UK so I’m using my once a day outdoor exercise to go for my first jog since my hamstring injury! (More on that another time).

It wasn’t fast, and it certainly wasn’t far, but it has been a major step in my recovery, and my first step to getting back into the groove after a Christmas that may have involved more than a few cups of mulled wine, and an exceptionally fat Turkey.”


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