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Influencer Wrongly Pronounced Dead After Astroworld




Australian TikToker Amelyn Nguyen was wrongly pronounced dead after Astroworld

The 17-year-old student was wrongly assumed to have died after the tragedy in Texas on November 5.

Amelyn Nguyen posted a clip this week with the caption “woke up and the world pronounced me dead.”

@amelynguyenwoke up and the world pronounced me dead

♬ Cricket Sound – Sound Effects


Nguyen told BuzzFeed News that she “found out through an Instagram post that people thought she had died at the concert.”

“I was honestly very confused and was wondering how people found my pictures,” she said. Nguyen said she isn’t sure where the information came from.

A tweet claimed she was “the first to be announced dead” after the festival, and included “a photo of her and a misspelling of her name.”

“I am not a Travis Scott fan, before and after the incident,” Amelyn added. Her viral video cleared up the assumption and has 1 million likes so far.


“That made me feel so much better about the whole false death accusations, I told my close mutuals and we all had a good laugh.”

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