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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With UberFacts’ Founder, Kris Sanchez



? Instagram/Kris Sanchez

Kris Sanchez founded UberFacts in 2009 after he initially started a Twitter account to follow Britney Spears. 

Since then, he’s turned the account into the biggest fact providing platform to date… fact.

His interest in facts started when he was having a “boring day” and began searching useless facts to pass the time, which is when UberFacts was born.

Throughout the years, UberFacts has provided even the most reputable news publications with valuable information — that hasn’t come without negative backlash. In fact (pun), in 2014, UberFacts’ Twitter account was hacked, which started a huge debate between Kris, from his personal account, and the hacker, from the UberFacts account.


Now with over 14 million followers on Twitter alone, UberFacts publishes new content every 15 minutes.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Kris; he gave me facts, of course. We also got juicy, we got deep and very much personal. We talked celebrities, beef (not the meat) and we even talked about why a particular, worldwide known brand has blocked UberFacts on Twitter.

Who is Kris Sanchez?



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