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30,000 Italian Restaurants, Gyms & Bars Open In Bid Against Lockdown Measures In Place For COVID-19




Italy is facing a national crisis after tens of thousands of business owners opened their doors illegally during the lockdown.

Businesses, including bars, gyms and restaurants went against government imposed law that declares any premise open that has been required to close for lockdown restrictions will face penalties.

It seems a media blackout has taken place with other reputable publications failing to cover the ongoing national crisis taking place in Italy — particularly the government facing a huge restrictions battle.

Owners of restaurants, and the thousands of customers visiting, are noticing law enforcement issuing fines, but due to the overthrowing power of over 30,000 businesses opening across Italy, many are walking away when a fine is getting issued to them.


A trend began on social media that encouraged business owners to overthrow the lockdown rules by opening their doors on January 15, 2021 making it extremely difficult for the limited law enforcement officers to cover each area where businesses opened up.

The hashtag began circulating on social media, #IOAPRO1501, with a letter attached that roughly translates to, “I hereby provide spontaneous adhesion to the project io a pro, #ioapro, #ioapro1501, or other way in which it will be reported by the media, people or other situation not expressly reported here.

Without any obligation I provide my personal data to be entered in a database for the registration of those who adhere to the reopening of the premises stating from January 15, 2021,” — effectively a non-legally binding agreement with Italian authorities to place anyone who submits their information to the government on a database that collates details of businesses and business owners opening from the date effective January 15.

Authorities in Rome continue to issue fines to anyone breaching the COVID-19 restrictions albeit those receiving the fines are continuing to visit premises that are legally required to close during as part of the lockdown measures.


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