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Jake Paul Misses Flight To Las Vegas And Drives Instead




Actor and rapper, Jake Paul, missed his wake up call from his assistant and brother, Logan Paul, making him miss a pre-booked flight to Las Vegas.

Jake, Logan, Michael Philippou, Danny Philippou, Mike Majlak, Spencer Taylor, Kristen Hanby and Jackson O’Doherty were all due to arrive at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas today for the Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith UFC fight.

Earlier, Logan alerted Jake on Twitter that he was due to catch the same flight with him, “ay Jake Paul WAKE UP DUMMY you’re supposed to be on this flight to Vegas with me ?”

Jake later responded by saying “bruh ? I messed it all up” — along with a series of Instagram Story posts explaining that he was trying an all-nighter with the intention of getting on the plane with Logan, but when his assistant promoted him that he was due to leave to catch the flight, Jake instead “hit a wall at 4am” and slept “fully clothed”.


He then asked fans whether driving would be the next best option, and following a poll vote, the results came in at over 80% saying he should drive. 

Jake then set off from Los Angeles and arriving in Las Vegas just over 4 hours later. 

Kudos, Jake — you made it to the fight and gave us all a laugh.