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James Charles Apologises For Partying Without A Mask During COVID-19 Pandemic




James Charles has issued an apology for attending an influencer party without a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 21-year-old YouTube star and makeup mogul went to a Los Angeles house party with around 70 other influencers in attendance, including Dixie D’amelio, Charli D’Amelio, Tana Mongeau and Nikki Dragun.

No social distancing was being adhered to as the majority attending hugged and stood for pictures together – with most failing to wear facial masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

On social media, Charles took the opportunity to make an apology for his “selfish” and “stupid decision” for not wearing a mask and attending a huge organised event. He said, “I decided to cut the party footage from the video. Even though I have been wearing a mask in public and have tested negative multiple times, going to a party during a pandemic was a selfish and stupid decision.


People’s safety and keeping COVID-19 contained is FAR more important than celebrating a friends birthday and unsafe partying is not something I want to promote to my audience. I recognise that with my platform comes responsibility, and I encourage you guys to be smarter than I was – wear your marks and continue to social distance.”

Tyler Oakley put those that attended the birthday-bash on blast, saying on Twitter, “Hi James Charles, Nikki Dragun, Tana Mongeau … and any others who have been partying in large groups – please consider social distancing, mask-wearing and using your huge platforms to encourage responsibility during a worldwide pandemic. If your favourite influencers are at huge house parties during a pandemic and are dumb enough to post it on social media, they are bad influencers. Unfollow them.”


Mongeau said, “Actions like that don’t deserve a platform and I want to fully apologise and be better than this. I’m sorry. I need to be a better example and person.”

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