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Jamie Lynn Spears Breaks Down Discussing Daughter’s Near-Death Quad Bike Accident




Jamie Lynn Spears has opened up about her daughter’s near-death accident.

The 29-year-old actress and singer joined Maria Menounos on Better Together with Maria Menounos where they discussed the quad bike accident.

She explained, “My oldest daughter was in a really bad accident,” adding that “every safety measure” possible was taken but “somehow or another, drove into the water.”

According to Spears, “We dove in and we were able to rescue her. When we were finally able to get her out of the water… and the first responders took from me, we thought she was gone. We thought we lost our daughter.


That moment, I felt everything that you can feel, I think, as far as the worst. There’s nothing worse than looking at your child and just feeling that you’ve failed her. And I didn’t want her to think that I couldn’t save her.”

Once they rescued her from the water, she was left in a critical condition, that required her to be air-lifted to the hospital. Jamie says, “She wasn’t responding to anything and so it was not looking good for us,” a priest went into the intensive care unit, “He went to put the oil on her and read the rites and she sat up and started kicking, and her hands started grabbing at all the things. That was our first sign that she was there.”

The former Zoey 101 star says, “I’ve faced my worst fear now. What else can I mess up or do wrong that will be as horrible as that? Nothing. There’s nothing. God gave me the blessing of giving me my daughter back. I lost her and I got her back… so I don’t get to make any excuses. I’ve been given the best the biggest blessing you can be given. I’m not allowed to waste a day on this earth complaining or being ungrateful.”

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