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Jared Leto Stops Security Restraining A Fan



? Stefan Brending

During a performance with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto stopped security from restraining a fan.

Jared was singing on stage at a venue in Sacramento when he noticed security piling up on top of a fan — he told the band and associates to stop performing whilst he spoke on the microphone. 

He can be heard willing security to stop their actions and refrain from piling on top of each other in order to keep a male pinned to the ground. He said seven security guards on top of one fan is “ridiculous”, shortly followed by security dusting themselves off and forming a barrier around the male to prevent now riled up fans from getting physically involved. 

The male was rushing to the stage after Jared allegedly told the audience to get to the stage, and one man was trying to get onto the stage, which is when security jumped on him. 


Watch the video, it’s interesting to see Jared stopping his performance to put a dramatic holt on securities actions.