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Jordyn Woods Talks With Jada Pinkett Smith On ‘Red Table Talk’



? Red Table Talk

Jordyn Woods has told her truth in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. 

You will remember, Khloe Kardashian, split from Tristan earlier last month after sources revealed Tristan cheated with Jordyn, the now former best friend of Kylie Jenner.

The much-anticipated episode of Red Table Talk has landed today — and Jordyn has told her side of the story.

During her explanation, Jordyn explains that after a “typical” L.A. party, her and friends decided to attend Tristan’s house. She tells Jada Pinkett Smith that she felt “safe” going to his home as she knows him.


Jordyn dismisses rumours that she requested phones to be taken away, saying, “I have nothing to hide” and has “no clue who told them to take their phones away”.

“Never once” did she give him a lap-dance nor did she “go to a bedroom” or “go to a bathroom” with him — Jordyn admits that she sat next to him and draped her legs over him whilst sitting on the arm of a chair, explaining, “in my head this is innocent… we’re all drinking, we’re all chilling”.

In response to the kissing allegation, the only lip contact — as Jordyn left, Tristan kissed her on the lips — zero passion.

According to sources, Jordyn faces a legal battle from the Kardashians if she violated a non-disclosure agreement.