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Justin Bieber Shading Aaron Carter




Earlier this week, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) singer, Aaron Carter, dished out facts to Justin Bieber. 

In a statement-fused tweet, Aaron wrote: “Listen man. I can’t sit here and just not say anything to that, I’ve been in this industry before he was born. I’ve had harder times and always bounce back. No I’m not Justin Bieber I’m Aaron Carter. I’m also in construction ? I paved the way. These kids have NEVER paid me homage.”, responding to another tweet reading “It’s been explained to my why Aaron Carter never reached the level of success Justin Bieber did, but I still wonder about it.”.

Now that you’re in the loop with the surprising claim, let’s move onto the shade from Justin.

He replied, on Twitter (platform of cathartic release) saying, “Aaron Carter I had your album when I was little. And bumped the song Aaron’s party. I was like 7. If you need hype man I got you.” followed by, “All love over here Aaron. You got my support”

Shade may have been overcasting the first response, but this could even lead to a newly established friendship, perhaps leading onto a featuring album, that could land a world-tour… or is that just wishful thinking?


Listen to Aaron’s song that paved the way: