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Justin Bieber Sues For Defamation Against Sexual Assault Accusers




Justin Bieber has been accused of alleged sexual assault on multiple women after posts went viral on social media claiming he utilised his fame to coax females into sleeping with him.

The 26-year-old singer started trending on Twitter over the weekend with claims against him that said he slept with multiple women that are now sharing their story via anonymous handles.

He denies the allegations made against him and told his followers that he and his team are now working on taking legal action against the anonymous users that put those claims online. In a new lawsuit, the documentation names two Jane Does that publicly outed themselves on Twitter as Danielle and Kadi.

Bieber has filed the documentation which says he holds “indisputable documentary evidence” that proves the allegations are “outrageous, fabricated lies.”

He is suing them for $20 million in defamation damages.

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