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Kanye West Storms Off After Allegedly Punching A Fan




The LAPD has opened an investigation into Kanye West for allegedly attacking a fan in Downtown LA on Thursday. 

According to TMZ, West has been named a suspect in an alleged battery after footage emerged showing the aftermath of an incident, in which he allegedly punched a fan, knocking them to the ground.

In the clip, West can be seen screaming at a woman ‘”Get away from me” as she tries to calm him down, while a man, who is believed to be a fan, lies on the ground.

The woman in the video is then heard telling the rapper ‘I am your family,’ as she tries to take is hand.


Witnesses have also told TMZ, that West punched the man twice in the head and once in neck, causing him to hit his head on the pavement.

Neither West nor his legal team have commented on the alleged incident yet.

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