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Kat Von D Sued Over Alleged Damage To L.A. Tattoo Parlour




Kat Von D is reportedly being sued over alleged damages to her former tattoo parlour.

According to TMZ, the famous tattoo artist and singer owes over $92,000 in rent and damages, after remodelling the iconic High Voltage Tattoo parlour in West Hollywood.

Some of the unpermitted changes to the property which have been cited as damage include the removal of ceiling tiles and wallpaper, as well as the complete demolishment of a wall in the centre of the shop.

The filing also states that Kat owes overdue rent from 2020, in addition to future fees expected in 2022.


News of the lawsuit comes amid Kat’s decision to relocate to a million-dollar property in Vevay, Indiana with her son, Leafar Von Drachenberg Reyes.

In preparation for the move, Kat has placed her $15 million gothic Los Angeles residence up for sale. The property – which was previously featured in the 2003 film Cheaper by the Dozen – was the target of a home invasion in February.

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