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Kehlani Sued For Allegedly Wrecking Rental Ferrari Used In ‘Open (Passionate)’ Music Video




Kehlani has been sued by a car rental company for allegedly wrecking a Ferrari.

The 25-year-old Good Thing singer was sued by a luxurious car rental company that featured in the 2017 Open (Passionate) music video.

According to the Florida-based company, the car was supposed to only be used for personal use, but discovered it had been featured in the music video – claiming she “negligently, recklessly, carelessly operated the Ferrari as to collide with an animal and/or unknown object and thereby causing significant material damage.”

In their claim, the value of the car was reduced by $88,573, and cost around $35,000 in lost rental fees due to the vehicle being unrentable to other clients after damage allegedly caused needed repairing.


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