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Kevin Hart Released From Hospital 10 Days After Car Wreck



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Comedian Kevin Hart is out of the hospital after remaining in recovery following his car wreck. 

The 40-year-old actor is believed to be “glad” to leave the Los Angeles hospital facility that he remained in for the last 10 days.

During his stay, Kevin was told he suffered three spinal fractures and underwent surgery to fuse the three areas near his spine.

Kevin is quoted to have said, “I’m grateful to be alive.” — and has immediately entered into a rehab facility where he will complete intense physical therapy. It’s believed he will remain at the facility for around a week depending on the level of physical therapy that is required … something that is currently being determined.


He is expected to make a full recovery after his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda crashed a week ago on Sunday, however, the timeframe for that full recovery is hazy at the moment.

Kevin remains positive about the entire ordeal and will publicly address the car wreck in the near future … his family and recovering are his main priorities at the moment.

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