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Kim Kardashian Heist Gunman Shows Little Remorse




Kim Kardashian will be reliving the horrors of being robbed in Paris in 2016.

As you will remember, 12 masked men carried out a heist that saw the beauty-influencer held at gunpoint as millions of dollars worth of jewellery was stolen.

Five of the gunmen posed as law enforcement to gain access to the room where Kim was staying before gagging, handcuffing and putting her in a bathtub. In a recent interview with Vice News, Yunis Abbas, one of the men that admitted to the heist, detailed the planning that went into committing such an act.

Abbas explained that in order to find the reality star, they simply tracked Kim on social media in order to find her whereabouts. He does say though that he remained downstairs whilst the rest of the crew carried out the horrifying robbery.


It would seem from listening to the alleged sophisticated thief that he’s not very remorseful, explaining that he saw the businesswoman “throwing money away,” and his actions were simply to take what Kim, in his mind, held no real emotion toward.

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