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KSI Releases ‘Down Like That’ Music Video: ★★★★★



? Dawn Kingston/unCrazed Composite

KSI has dropped the highly anticipated Down Like That music video featuring Rick Ross, Lil Baby and S-X.

Within the first second of the video, a brief message appears that reads, “On November 9th KSI beat Logan Paul at The Staples Center in what was dubbed the biggest event in internet history.

Two days later on November 11th he was on set filming his music video. Here is the result.” — a very tongue in cheek comment, leaving us with a giggle and pride that KSI finished the fight with the result he intended; to win.

Directed by Nayip Ramos, and produced by Casey Schreffler, the video starts with KSI falling from a dark-thunderous sky before he crashes through a ceiling and landing on rubbled concreate. Colours matching every word and the bright orange-fire glistening onto KSI to match his golden-blonde hair tips.

Lyrics include, “I want that knockdown // F*** up the system // Make it shut down” — a heavy reference to the November 9th fight — which he won… did we already mention that?


The song itself has over 10 million streams on Spotify, entering into various Top Charting playlists, the lyric video raking in over 10 million views and the official music video receiving over half a million views in the first 30 minutes of premiering.

unCrazed official review: (★★★★★) Changes the dynamics of hip-hop by creating a whole new genre of music. Original, inspirational and congenial.

You can enter into KSI’s signed glove and PS4 competition hosted on Spotify. Once you have made your entry, simply screenshot it and post to Twitter using the hashtag #KSIDLT. Quick, you only have 1-day remaining before the results are drawn and someone else gets your signed boxing glove and PlayStation 4.


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